7 Keys to Improving Your Wellness

We always talk about how vital self-care is to our well-being.  Fun fact, it does not always have to relate to your body.  It can be broken down into 7 different wellness elements.  The 7 different components are comprised of the following:

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  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Financial

  Let’s break it down…

Spiritual Wellness

You may find that exploring spirituality can help you find balance in your life.  There are various options to explore when it comes to this. Maybe you already know your spiritual beliefs but have neglected them.   Brush up on your spiritual knowledge. It may bring you peace.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness plays a big part in our lives.  It can make or break us.  You can reduce stress levels by maintaining healthy relationships and staying organized.  If you feel overwhelmed, consider seeking help. There is no shame in the therapy game.

Intellectual Wellness

Keep your brain functional by exploring your curiosity.  Learn new things, find a hobby, read a book. Browse through Facebook groups of like-minded people in WHATEVER interest you may have.  Goodness knows there’s a group for everything

Physical Wellness

Taking care of your body physically can improve your mental wellbeing. Make sure you get all your checkups with your doctors and dentist. Keeping up to date with your health will lead to fewer ailments and less aches and pains.  Getting adequate amounts of sleep allows your body to recharge.

7 keys to wellness

Social Wellness

Maintaining healthy relationships is essential. Don’t be afraid to let go of toxic relationships, they only hurt you in the long run.  It’s good to have a healthy network of people you can talk to.

Environmental Wellness

Clear space = clear mind.  I know this works for me.  I can’t function in a mess. Declutter your home, workspace, or even outside.  It’s good to know that you helped contribute to keeping our planet clean.

Financial Wellness

Reduce stress levels by keeping your finances in order. Live within your means.  Create a budget. Dedicate a certain percentage of your income towards your savings.  This helps in case of emergencies.

Gain inner peace by improving some or all of these 7 elements. I’m currently working on spiritual and physical wellness.  Let me know in the comments the areas you are currently working on or would like to work on.

 – Tarrin