Commercial soaps contain harsh chemicals and detergents which are no good for your skin.  Those big companies also remove all of the glycerin that is formed from the soap.  Glycerin is a natural by-product of soap that is a humectant  that helps your skin retain its moisture.  With our handmade soaps we chose ingredients that your skin will LOVE, i.e., apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil.  And unlike commercial soaps our soaps naturally contain glycerin through the saponification process.

Yes and No. Yes because soap would not be soap without lye.  I say no because if you remember, each molecule of lye combines with each molecule of oil during the saponification process.  Each batch of soap is CAREFULLY measured so that there will be no excess lye remaining in the soap.

Who says they don’t?! Those harsh chemicals and detergents that the commercial soaps add enable their bars to last longer.  Also, the glycerin that our soaps contain that commercial soaps do not, retains moisture from the air and makes the soap dissolve faster.

Another reason it may not last as long is if you use the soap before its ready-date. If you pre-order a soap or get order a customized soap loaf you may receive the soap before its ready-date has arrived. If you choose to use the soap before that date it will dissolve a lot faster than it would if it was fully cured and ready for use.

*Please refer to our Tips to Extend the Life of your Soap Section.

Saponification is how we actually get soap.  It is the process that occurs between the lye (also known as sodium hydroxide) and oils/fats.  When lye is mixed with the oils, each molecule of oil combines with each molecule of lye to form 3 triglyerides and 1 glycerin molecule.  Excess oil in the soap is known as “superfat” which provides extra moisturizing properties to the soap.

You may notice the phrase “Ready Date” on soap listings.  When you see this it means that that is the date the soap will be ready for use.  After soap is made it needs time to cure.  Curing is a process which allows excess water in the soap to evaporate, which makes a more mild, harder, longer lasting bar.  Our soaps cure for at least 4 weeks.  If you see a Ready Date next to the soap it is still available for purchase, but keep in mind that it is strongly recommended that you wait until the Ready Date to use it.  The life span of the soap will be much shorter if used before the Ready Date.  If you do purchase a soap with a Ready Date please make sure that you remove the soap from its packaging and keep it in a cool, dry, well ventilated place for the remainder of its curing period.

Oh no! We would absolutely hate it if you felt you had to return any of our products.  Please Contact us immediately and we will try to resolve the issue as best as we possibly can.