Oats & Milk


Love Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey, but want a vegan-friendly option. Here’s Oats & Milk, made with coconut milk and soothing oatmeal. Don’t worry, we love protecting our animal friends too


Why choose Oats & Milk?

Because this kick butt duo is great for those with oily, sensitive, acne prone skin

Exfoliate pesky dead skin cells and protect your skin from air pollution and harsh UV rays with the finely ground oatmeal’s high antioxidant properties.

Your pores will be free and clear with the natural cleansing component of oatmeal called saponins and the antibacterial and noncomedogenic properties of coconut milk.

Itchy, inflamed skin is no match for this dynamic duo. Oatmeal and coconut milk are often used in skincare products because they are very soothing to the skin and can help reduce itching and inflammation


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