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Tooth Soap

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Too much ExciteMint to contain!

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Tooth soap is a proprietary blend of ingredients provided by mother earth to keep your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Keep your mouth free from harsh chemicals that are found in commercial toothpaste. You won’t find any fluoride, SLS, or artificial sweeteners here.

Calcium carbonate helps to remineralize your teeth, so you can put your best smile forward.

Kick odor-causing bacteria’s butt, so you can get close and personal with your favorite people.

Scrub away plaque and tartar and smile with confidence. Unlike commercial whitening toothpaste, you can brighten your teeth and freshen your breath without scratching the enamel.

It looks like powder, how is it soap? This formulation contains handmade Castile soap shreds, which helps to remove oil and residue from your mouth, leaving it feeling fresh and clean. Pour a small amount into the cap or a small bowl, dip your toothbrush in the powder, brush as you normally would, and rinse

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