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The Many Hats of a Mompreneur: Juggling Mom-life and Business

Omg so if you’ve checked this post in the past few months you can tell what it’s like juggling mom-life and being an entrepreneur…this post was empty for the longest. I just couldn’t get to it and every time I tried it wouldn’t work for some strange reason. But anywho…  

Being a mom is hard and any mother who tells you that it’s not is smoking crack or is clearly insane. Being a single mom with no help is even worse, so you can only imagine what being a single mom with a full-time job, with no help, and running a business is like. Yeah, that’s me. I’m truly crazy for doing that…BUT I’m doing what I love! I love my Pumpkin and I love making bath and body products! I’ve tried not making soap, but it just doesn’t feel right. I NEED to make soap. I don’t know if you know what that’s like, having something that is part of you and you must do it or else you don’t feel like yourself.

It gets overwhelming at times, especially when Pumpkin has sports practice 3-4 days a week.  We have to make sacrifices for the kiddies though, so they can be functional human beings in a dysfunctional world. Pumpkin is getting older too, so now he wants to stay up later.  I used to do all my soapy projects when he would go to bed at 8pm, but now we’re practically going to bed at the same time. He’s going to bed later and I’m going to bed earlier.  I noticed it’s getting more and more difficult to stay up for the late night soaping sessions.  Now I’m not saying that I’m getting old or anything…but you know how it is lol.  Now I cram all my soaping sessions in on the weekends after we leave the tutor, go food shopping, do laundry, and clean the house.  It gets done in between all that.  I am fortunate that Pumpkin can help around the house now.  That’s a big help.  The other day he did 3 loads of laundry by himself! He’s such a little man now and I’m a proud mama.

The most important thing I’ve learned with being a mom-preneur is finding a BALANCE.  At one point I ran myself ragged because I wasn’t taking any time out for myself.  Self-care is sooooooooo important. I can’t stress it enough.  Every now and then I’ll lock myself in my room and binge on Netflix and I’ll tell my son not to disturb me and I’m unavailable until I come out of my room…and he gets it. Plus, I think he’s just happy to not do extra school-work or cleaning. 

Are you a mom-preneur? If so, comment below with how you manage to balance mom-life and business and keep your sanity

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