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What I’ve Been up to

Hey everyone. I know its been a while since I’ve made my last blog posting, but here’s what’s happened since the last time.  In May I was a vendor at a  conference in White Plains, NY (my very first show!!!).

It was a little nerve racking, but by the 2nd day everything was a breeze.  It was funny how everyone thought the uncut soap logs were cheese.  I also did another show in the beginning of June. It was a fashion show featuring designers of all ages (some are only in high school).  I was very impressed with all the talent. Comedian J.P. Justice was also there. He was HILARIOUS!!  They will be having another show in Queens, NY November 10th if I’m not mistaken.  I will be there selling my body products and J.P. Justice will be there again too 🙂   If you are interested in attending there is a small fee to get in.  I’ll post the even details at a later date.  I believe there will be an after party too.

There are some new scents and products that have been added to the line: Green Clover & Aloe, Lacy Lavender, Blue Man Cool, Cocoa & Shea, Achy Foot Kit .  There’s too many to list, but you can check out the soap sections, both scented and unscented.   You guys have to try the Achy Foot Kit.  Its specially formulated for those days when you were on your feet the entire day or walked to the ends of the earth.  It makes your feet and legs feel all tingly and refreshed, all while leaving your feet exfoliated and silky smooth.  I had many requests from my male customers for some men’s soaps….that request has now been fulfilled.  Asian Sandalwood, Blue Man Cool, Black Tie, Sandy & Patch, & Storm Catcher. I would like to note that just because I said these are men’s soaps they are not just for men, especially since Blue Man Cool is one of my favorites.

I have recently been working on what I like to call…LIQUID SOAP ADVENTURES.  I’ve made quite a few batches already with different recipes and different techniques.  Friend and family samples have been sent out. So far I’ve gotten some good reviews.  There are some pictures of some of the stages of liquid soapmaking.  It is quite the process. Whew!

It’s been nice catching up with you, but it’s time for me to get ready to take my son to school and for me to go to work. Until next time  🙂

Happy Soaping
– Tarrin


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